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Colorado Reserve Study Law

With the passage of Colorado House Bill 1359, the State of Colorado adopted specific statues related to reserve studies. The bill, as it was initially introduced, would have required Home Owner Associations to “have a reserve study performed every three (3) years and to create a funding plan.”  The current bill requires all Home Owner Associations to formally adopt a reserve policy that addresses:

  1. When a reserve study shall be prepared for the Judges Gavel
    portions of the community maintained, repaired,
    or improved by the association.

  2. Whether the reserve study is based on a physical
    and financial analysis.

  3. Whether there is a funding plan for any work
    recommended by the reserve study, and, if so

  4. The projected sources of funding.

Technically, the new law does not require an Association to have a reserve fund study conducted.  However, most legal advisers have stated that “unless your Association has no common area assets for which it is responsible, we highly recommend that your Association have a Reserve Study prepared.”  They go on to advise that “associations adopt a policy specifying that a full on-site study be conducted every three (3) years with an annual update (no site inspection) during the intervening years.” 

It is absolutely essential that all Home Owner Associations adequately plan for the future, and a properly prepared Reserve Study allows for that planning.


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