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Don't Know?

As a Board Member, having a Reserve Study prepared today helps avoid huge future assessment increases which lead to disgruntled homeowners. A Reserve Study provides the Board of Directors with an accurate financial projection, and funding goal, for the continued maintenance of the integrity and value of  their individual  homeowners investment.  A Reserve Study is a tool that provides a road map leading to the success and vitality of the Home Owner Association.

The most common complaint from homeowners today is that their fees are way too high.  A Reserve Study does provide the board, and homeowners, with an answer. The cost benefits of having a Reserve Study prepared TODAY far outweigh increased future component replacement costs that result in those "special assessments" that everyone despises.

Avoid any potential future legal battles by having a properly prepared Reserve Study done. There is never a question then as to whether your Association is compliant with the NEW Colorado House Bill 1359.

Consider the Reserve Study as your HOA's Lifeline. It provides the security to a successful plan for the future.

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