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Having a properly prepared Reserve Study done will provide answers to most HOA home owner concerns regarding Association fees. In addition, it will determine the stability of the Association's current Capital Reserve fund, which can be either a huge asset, or liability when you have your property appraised.

The Reserve Study is a long range (20 - 30 year) budget planning tool that provides answers to your questions TODAY!  Not later on when the Board of Directors determine that your roof, the parking lots, or recreational ammenities need replaced and they discover that there is not enough money in the Capital Reserve Fund to fund those needed repairs.

Having a properly prepared Reserve Study done will determine whether the current fee structure is appropriate for funding those future repair or replacement costs.  In some instances a Reserve Study may even find that the current dues are too high!  Having a reasonably priced Reserve Study prepared today provides the Board of Directors with the opportunity to make appropriate adjustments to the current fees.  

A Reserve Study gives everyone, from the Home Owner to the Board of Directors, some peace of mind in knowing that they have looked towards, and have provided for the future of their association.

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